The continuum of health research into HIV and Hepatitis C can be viewed as a ‘funnel’ selecting outcomes from a huge range of basic biomedical research, both in Australia and internationally and developing this into potential health care and bio technology outcomes, which, together with social research leads to health care improvement (see Figure below). ACH2 encourages basic virology and immunology researchers in the HIV and Hepatitis C fields to translate their biomedical discoveries into potential health care and biotechnology outcomes and to support clinical research through the development of advanced laboratory tests and the quality control of tests underlying clinical trials. Thus ACH2 funding targets a unique niche in translational research in Australia.

Funding for basic, strategy and clinical research is secured through the following channels:

Research Function Funding
Basic National and international competitive peer reviewed grants
Strategy National Centres in HIV and Hepatitis Research
Clinical (trials) Industry sources particularly related to developing diagnostics, vaccines and antivirals